Synchronize your Google Calendar and Contacts and tasks with Outlook

Through ECO add-in, Outlook not only syncs IMAP mails with EVO Mail Server, but also syncs contacts, calendars and tasks with ECA’s CardDAV, CalDAV and WebCAL.

ECO makes your desktop and mobile devices work at the same pace. Your business information is updated regardless of your current location. It supports Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. In addition, it synchronises with contacts and calendars from iCloud, Gmail and MAC OS X Server as well.

EVO Mail Server provides a comprehensive solution for groupware that covers mails, contacts, calendars and tasks

EVO Mail Server has all four elements of being a groupware: mail server, contacts, calendars and tasks. Its support of IMAP, CardDAV and CalDAV bring you the possibility of cross-platform information exchange between desktop and mobile devices that fit your business requirements.

With EVO Mail Server as the backend, Outlook, iPhone and Android can all share mails, contacts, calendars and tasks between each other and form a complete groupware ecosystem.

Power Toys for Outlook: an Add-in Collection for Outlook Power Users

While providing a powerful e-mail client solution, some features are still missing, such as Gmail Push Notification, auto-BCC and exporting Outlook contact, calendar and task into standard importable files. Power Toys for Outlook makes up all above features that Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 do not have.

If you use Gmail on Outlook, push notification upon new mail arrival is not available like what you would get on your mobile devices. PTO resolves this issue no matter where you are inside Outlook. Auto-BCC serves automated Blind Carbon Copy forwarding while Outlook only gives automated CC. Exporting Outlook contact/calendar/task into vcs and ics files in ways that Outlook cannot do such as bulk export into one single vcs and ics file as well as export of multiple entries all at once.

Import mails, contacts, calendars and tasks to EVO Mail Server from other mail servers

EVO Mail Migration assists you to transfer all mails from your old mail server to EVO Mail Server. It retains all mail attributes and folder structures.

Mail filtering options are available to help you. Also, EMM displays both general and individual mail migration progress. On the other hand, your valuable contacts, calendars and tasks can be relocated via ECO’s C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud) feature.

EVO Mail Server software recommendation

EVO Mail Server is customised according to the needs of small and medium size business. It receives both IMAP and POP3, carries out mail backup, oversees mails, retains bulk mail delivery environment, and offers a great mail migration tool.

On-premise mail server

EVO fulfills enterprise needs for mail server deployment –

1. Mail confidentiality
2. Cost effectiveness
3. Mail monitoring and filtering
4. Active directory and OpenLDAP integration
5. EDM distribution
6. Bulk mail delivery
7. Multiple domain mail support
8. Internal mail only
9. National security data leakage prevention