EVO Mail Server V3.0.73

A mail server featuring industrial standards of IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV is paving the way for the future

EVO Mail Server is tailored to small and medium business needs. With featuring IMAP and POP3 standards as well as mail backup, filtering, monitoring, it is well qualified for bulk mailing under the high bandwidth of Internet movement.

The Microsoft Authenticode-certified EVO Mail Server supports end-to-end TLS for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 mail delivery. Users exchange information of address book (contact) via CardDAV and of calendar via CalDAV. More features: Both 32- and 64-bit installation versions, easy-to-use GUI, Smartphone friendly, Filltrolysis mail filtering, AD and OpenLDAP importable, and NOD32 antivirus compatible.

Software: ought to be easy-to-use first and then we can talk about powerful features

"Many server software packages boast impressive features without considering whether users actually need them."

Ease of use is at the core of EVO Mail Server's development philosophy. We conceal unnecessary complexities while maintaining software flexibility. Simultaneously, we streamline server management processes to save you time and effort, allowing for effortless control.

Industrial standard: IMAP, CardDAV and CalDAV

"EVO Mail Server is designed to adhere to stringent standards to better serve your needs."

While a combination of SMTP and POP3 protocols traditionally suffices for mail services, the recent significant surge in internet traffic and the growing demand for mobile computing necessitate SMTP to function alongside IMAP under TLS encryption to ensure secure mail synchronization while maintaining information confidentiality.

x64 and 4GB barrier breakthrough

"A functional mail server and its stability are integral to the IT infrastructure of a modern company."

With the retirement of Windows XP and the emergence of 64-bit operating systems, we have designed EVO Mail Server to operate under these systems, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and longevity.

A mail server with easy setup

"A mail server immediately alerts you to any missing elements upon completion of installation."

Instant detection of all mail-related parameters such as DNS, MX, Reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM, SSL, IP blocklist, router, firewall, and antivirus settings.