EVO Mail Migration: A dedicated mail migration tool for EVO

"Seamless Mail Migration"

EVO Mail Migrate (EMM) is a free mail migration tool developed by the EVO R&D Team. It enables users to migrate from one mailbox to another, functioning similarly to Symantec Ghost.

EMM not only supports the typical duplication between two POP3 mailboxes but also supports the unique capability of migrating between two IMAP mailboxes while retaining the source's original folder structure, mail flags, and attributes.

Unparalleled IMAP mail migration tool

"An IMAP mail migration tool is typically not available for free, often found only in expensive software packages or under UNIX systems. Now, this has changed."

With EMM's IMAP mail migration tool, the source can be Gmail, Exchange, or any IMAP mailbox. All folder structures, read flags, and replied flags are also copied over.

Customise your mail migration.

"Occasionally, mail filtering is essential before transitioning to a new system to prevent unnecessary storage space usage."

EMM enables you to exclude unnecessary emails during the migration to the new mail server. For example, emails prior to a certain date, emails exceeding a certain size, or emails already marked as spam.

EMM is the Ghost utility for duplicating mails.

"When rebuilding your computer system, you likely require Ghost. Similarly, when relocating your mailbox to another mail server location, EMM is the solution you need."

For hard disk duplication, Ghost is typically utilised, while CloneCD is commonly deployed for CD/DVD duplication. Now, EMM has expanded this concept with mailbox migration management.

Assisting you through long and tedious mail migration process

"Mailbox migration is not completed in minutes. It may take a considerable amount of time, especially when migrating tens of thousands of emails."

During this process, network connections may drop out. Therefore, EMM has implemented the auto-retry and resume function. This excellent feature saves valuable time.