EVOServ: EVO Collaborator Mobile & Webmail

Supreme messaging partner for your smartphone

EVO Collaborator Mobile (ECM) is a web-based component of EVOServ. It enhances user experience by providing self-assistance when viewing or making changes to account information. To a certain extent, it reduces the workload of administrators.

Through the ECM web browser interface on their smartphones and tablets, users can make specific changes to their mail accounts, inquire about shared contacts, and access both private and public files on private cloud storage.

Modify mail account settings via smartphone

"Administrators are unlikely to be pleased if they are required to make mail account changes for all users consistently.

While Outlook offers users excellent capabilities for sending and receiving email messages, it does not allow users to change passwords, modify auto-reply settings, or adjust auto-forwarding lists on the server end. It is time for users to have access to the functions they should have originally."

Enquiring public contacts anytime & anywhere

"Regardless of your location, use your smartphone's browser to log on to ECM and easily search the public address book.

ECM offers a search service for authorised users. They can even tap on the search results to initiate a call. If users enable the GPS feature within ECM on their smartphone, they can also track colleagues' geographical locations."

Your own private cloud storage

"ECM offers three storage levels for various purposes: private, departmental, and organisational. Users can upload or download files to their smartphones.

You can upload private, departmental, or domain-sharing files to ECM's cloud storage. Anyone with the privilege of accessing your uploaded files can easily view them to collaborate on tasks. This feature greatly enhances efficiency."

Webmail client

"EVOServ offers the popular IMAP Webmail client: Roundcube Webmail (GPL licence).

EVOServ includes a pre-configured and functional Roundcube Webmail client by default. Additionally, this pre-configured version integrates the CardDAV plug-in and password changer plug-in for every user."